Our designers and engineers work together to make our clients’ solutions become reality. Our CAD Design team has over 40 years of combined experience in the manufacturing and engineering sectors that expands across a multitude of industries. Our state-of the-art design software allows us to simultaneously develop lifelike 3D designs with more detail and more efficiency at a lower cost to our clients.

New Structural Designs
New Building Layouts
Building Addition Layouts
Equipment Support System Drawings

Existing Structural Design Modifications
Concrete & Steel Repair Drawings
Structural Member Modifications Drawings
Condition Assessments
Monorail Design Drawings
Foundation Modification Drawings

Specialty Designs
MCC Room Design Layouts

Mechanical Engineering Designs
HVAC Design Layouts
Assist with Equipment Troubleshooting
Assist with Equipment Condition Assessments
Process Piping Drawings

Office and Space Planning Layouts
Standardization Consultation